Choosing a skipper as brand ambassador

Interesting guidelines on how measuring Brand Ambassador’s success in Expert Voice . The article does not make a case for a specific sport, that’s not its purpose. Yet, I would be inclined to make one for a professional skipper as your brand ambassador, against the default thinking invariably lingering on top league sports like football. At least, three good reasons for this

  • The wider public easily relates to the human challenge of ocean racing, increasingly so as exiting content can now be generated and shared even when the action takes place on the most isolated parts of the planet.
  • Ocean Racing  links up performance and innovation to renewable energies in a unique fashion, giving credibility to any corporate message on the imperative for a green transition.
  • The amount of budget that would have to be spent to have your company’s logo appearing on the jersey of a major soccer player or on the helmet of an F1 pilot could probably fund an entire Vendee Globe campaign for instance, giving you total visibility on the project.









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