Ocean racing unambiguously conveys intrinsic values such as courage and endurance, but also sustainability and innovation.

As an example, current record times for sailing non-stop around the world are simply unattainable by the most advanced conventional motor vessel and this, without using a drop of fuel.

Whilst the know-how making it technically possible can satisfy the appetite of the most engineering driven minds, the simple idea of racing extreme vessels in some of the most isolated parts of the planet captures anybody’s imagination.

Drawing inspiration from sports such as F1 or Cycling, the owners of major sailing properties such as to name all but a few the America’s cup, the Volvo Ocean Race or the Vendée Globe, are making significant investments in communications technologies to allow the stars of this show to reach a global audience.FONCIA VG Arrival (PC Richard Tanguy) (1)

Photo Credits – Richard Tanguy

There is such a diverse range of options in sailing sponsorship that perhaps the real questions are more which one to pick up to serve your business objectives with your available budget, and how to ensure that this investment if well managed and suitably embedded within the corporate functions which can benefit from it.